Baggage Lyrics – Arjun & Jonita Gandhi

Baggage Lyrics – Arjun & Jonita Gandhi: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Baggage” sung by Arjun & Jonita Gandhi and starring Isha Dhillon.

Baggage Lyrics – Arjun & Jonita Gandhi

We both got our issues
After all the sh* we’ve been through
I’m not here to fix you
Cos trust me I’m still broken too
You say you need your space
But I just can’t stay away
Trying to slow the pace
But I think I’m falling for you

Why we pretending like we got it all together baby
When we both know that we’re still finding our way
The thought of moving on to something new makes me feel guilty
And your ex got you feeling some type of way

Kasam se khudaya tera
Ishq mushkil hai
Pareshan hud se zyada
Yeh bechara dil hai
Ishq jaisa phir bhi dekho
Kuch yahan nahin hai
Kai kai jannaton wali
Iski manzil hai

Your heart is damaged
And my heart is damaged
Will we every manage
To make this thing work
Baby you got baggage
And I got baggage
But I think you’re worth it
So let me carry your load

I know this must be something
Cos girl I get possessive
Although I’m not your boyfriend
Don’t want you with nobody else
Every time you touch me
I feel electricity
Girl don’t overthink it
Just let your instinct take control

Got my feelings growing stronger by the day so maybe
We should take the plunge and just give it a try
You say you’re not ready to open up cos it’s too risky
But sometimes you gotta lay your heart on the line

Relax your mind
Leave it behind, let it go
Just for tonight
Pretend you’re mine and let’s go
Just for tonight
Relax your mind, let it go
Come round to mine
Lemme ease your load

Arjun & Jonita Gandhi – Baggage Song Details

Song: Baggage
Singer: Arjun & Jonita Gandhi
Music & Composition: Arjun
English Lyrics: Arjun
Hindi Lyrics: Manoj Yadav
Model: Isha Dhillon