E-Kove – Never Forget Lyrics

There’s a lotta change happening around me
I’ve been losing some friends and family
Heart filling with regret’s what surrounds me
Tryna be real in the world of my fantasy

Askin’ for love is it hard to get
Thinking bout the memories, I take a deep breath
Appreciating everybody who I met but I
Don’t wanna be remembered cuz of my death

Got a lot of bros and a lot of woes
Who I am outside that’s the one who grows
Lost a lot of clothes, threw a bunch of blows
Who I am inside that’s who I chose

Seeing all the people that hate me
Learning that I am the only one who can save me
Safely, I take every step in the moment gravely
But lately, I’m reminiscing ‘bout what made me

Me, thinking bout the past, what made things last
Time is going fast, saw the way it passed
I’m the one who I’ll surpass, not the top in class
Not on the grass but I’m probably gassed ‘cause

I learn to forgive, I never forget
Who I was in the past, I wouldn’t regret
Who I am now, I’m glad that we met
A different journey, I’m already set

[Verse 2]
Tryna touch emotions of the people in my road
Crying me a river with the way I flowed
Nothing really matters if it’s love I showed
You know what really matters is the words I wrote

And that’s facts, and that’s that
I be counting money like math
And that’s cap, but it’s bad
I just need to see where I’m at

Don’t need your two cents to be a changed man
We can talk and see how we’ll exchange plans
I can probably stay real with my fake plants
If you need to make sense, we can shake hands

Last year I was left right, aye
Now I think that I am upside down
If I wanna keep my head tight
I just gotta let the world go around